Malaysia Airlines

Malaysia Airlines is a world class airline where luxury and comfort come as standard. Whether you are flying first class, business class or economy you are sure to enjoy your experience on Malaysia Airlines (MH).

After a humble beginning in 1937, with the proposal of an air service between Penang and Singapore by a joint initiative (the Ocean Steamship Company of Liverpool, the Straits Steamship of Singapore and Imperial Airways), Malayan Airways Limited (MAL) took to the skies with its first commercial flight as the national airline in 1947.

With the separation of Singapore from Malaysia in 1965, MAL became a bi-national airline and was renamed Malaysia-Singapore Airlines (MSA). Sporting a new logo the airline continued to grow with new services to Perth, Taipei, Rome and London. However, after going their separate ways in 1973, Malaysia introduced Malaysian Airline Limited, which was subsequently renamed Malaysian Airline System, or simply known as Malaysia Airlines.

Today, having received more than 100 awards in the last 10 years, Malaysia Airlines flies to some 100 destinations worldwide, and remains committed to continue their lengthy record of service and best practice excellence.

The Malaysia Airlines fleet consists of the following aircrafts : B747-400P x 13, B777-200 x 17, A330-300 x 11, A330-200 x 3, B737-400 x 37.


  • Within Australia (5)
  • Within New Zealand (1)
  • International Destinations (32)
  • Adelaide
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Sydney

Inflight Menu

If you are looking for restaurant quality food in the air, Malaysia Airlines caters for you. With beautiful crockery, gourmet food and an exceptional menu that will meet the standards of every travellers taste buds. With accolades for their food and special meals for those passengers with dietery and religious requirements, Malaysia Airlines caters with quality and excellent service.

Onboard Entertainment

Malaysia Airlines offers excellent onboard entertainment with movies, television, music and on particular flights you can even play video games and access business and financial news. This is also extended to your ability to connect via SMS and the internet. So sit back and relax as you are not missing out on anything on the ground when you are in the air with Malaysia Airlines.

The Lounge

Malaysia Airlines offers a lounge in luxury like no other. The Golden Lounge. Catering for business facilities, as if you hadn't left the office, a menu to serve every taste bud and if you feel like a massage just take a seat in one of their massage chairs (only in particular lounges). The lounges are located in selected Airports in Malaysia and internationally.

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