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Air Canada is one of the worlds top airlines, flying to over 90 desintations around the world and with the worlds 9th largest fleet of aircraft. Founded in 1936 the airline was owned by the government but was eventually privatised. Air Canada also has a regional fleet called Air Canada Jazz. Today Air Canada comprises of up to 334 aircraft together with Air Canada Jazz.

The Air Canada Fleet is made up of the following aircraft: 11 x B777-300, 6 x B777-200, 8 x A330-300, 30 x B767-300, 10 x A321-200, 41 x A320-200, 35 x A319-100, 45 x Embraer 190, 15 x Embraer 175. The Air Canada Jazz fleet is made up of another 133 aircraft.


  • Within Australia (1)
  • International Destinations (94)
  • Sydney


Air Canada offers an exceptional standard in inflight meals. Depending on whether you are travelling Internationally or within North America will determine the menu onboard your flight. Air Canada boasts an excellent wine selection and gourmet food. If you are flying economy you can purchase your meals from the Onboard Cafe, or purchase a voucher before you fly to get a discount on your meal purchases.

Inflight Entertainment and Classes

Air Canada offers all of their customers individual flatscreens to watch during their flight. Sit back and relax on your flight with a catalogue of movies, music and telvision along with their inflight magazine to keep you thoroughly entertained when you fly.

The classes offered on Air Canada are as follows: for international destinations there is Executive First Class and economy and within North American destinations there is Executive Class and economy. Whichever class you fly with Air Canada, you are sure to be looked after with great service, comfort and entertainment.


Air Canada's lounges are the Maple Leaf Lounges spread throughout Canada and at selected international destinations. Maple Leaf Lounges offer hospitality with great food, coffee and a selection of beverages. Some locations offer the use of conference rooms, office equipment so that you can work while you wait with connectivity to the internet. The Maple Leaf Lounges are comfortable and modern. For levels of access to these lounges check with the staff at Air Canada when you next travel.

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