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Las Vegas, United States

Advertisements for Las Vegas promise, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”—likely because what happens in Vegas often tends towards the slightly naughty!

There’s a reason that Vegas” nickname is “Sin City”, and that the city’s main hub is called the “Las Vegas Strip”. Arising in the middle of the desert in the western U.S. state of Nevada, Las Vegas is an international destination for gambling, luxury at bargain prices, and the most exciting live shows anywhere in the world.

Stay for a week or a weekend: with the world’s best and most exciting experiences gathered together in one unique city, you’ll never run out if things to do in Vegas.

Getting in and around Las Vegas

Las Vegas Airport

It's incredibly easy to get into Las Vegas through McCarran International Airport (LAS). Just about every city in the U.S. seems to have a direct flight to the Las Vegas airport, and McCarran also serves as an international hub for airlines out of Canada, Mexico, the UK, and other countries. With only two terminal buildings, it's simple to find your way around the airport. When you're ready to depart, you can rent a car from your choice of 10 onsite companies, grab a taxi on the east side of baggage claim, hop a shuttle or limo, or take public transportation to your hotel.

Before you leave the airport, grab a map of the Las Vegas Strip, which is where pretty much everything takes place. It can be confusing to make your way around town without map — which, fortunately, are widely available!

Las Vegas Transport

The most common ways to get around Las Vegas are walking (do-able if your hotel is on the Strip and your interests are as well), car rentals and taxis, and the city's monorail system.

Walking can be prohibitively hot during the daytime in Summer. When fatigue sets in, the city's bus line, Citizens in Transit (CAT) offers a very affordable all-access day pass that you'll find can offer you both relief from the heat and — with long stops every 200 metres along the Strip for tourists streaming on and off — time out for your feet! (The monorail is a little more expensive but does the same thing, faster.)

Remember too that taking a limo ride down the Strip at some point is an almost obligatory activity when visiting Vegas!

Las Vegas Car Hire

All your major car hire companies can be found in Las Vegas.

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Las Vegas accommodation

When it comes to Las Vegas hotels, the world is at your feet. Amidst bright lights and flashing casinos, you can stumble into Venice, Egypt, New York, and even Paris in Las Vegas. Most hotels in Las Vegas offer casinos and even wedding chapels. Hotels here are Las Vegas attractions in and of themselves!

  • Wynn Hotel Las Vegas is the ultimate in luxury, providing award-winning dining and spa services and the finest rooms and suites in the city.
  • Wynn Hotel Las Vegas is the ultimate in luxury, providing award-winning dining and spa services and the finest rooms and suites in the city.
  • Palazzo Las Vegas is a new all-suite luxury resort that’s connected to the Venetian. This resort amazes with upscale shopping, fine dining, Canyon Ranch spa, and much more.
  • Paris Hotel Las Vegas brings the City of Lights to Vegas. The hotel features fabulous rooms, 10 restaurants, and replicas of famous Parisian landmarks.
  • Las Vegas Hilton is located one block off the Strip, giving it a slightly quieter feel. Luxurious amenities include indoor tennis courts, heated pool, 1,600-seat theatre, and a great collection of restaurants.
  • Tropicana Las Vegas is a classic hotel on the Strip. Its more than 1,800 rooms include themed suites, a health spa, and casual and fine dining.
  • Treasure Island Las Vegas includes a spa, shopping, fantastic entertainment options, and hip restaurants.
  • Treasure Island Las Vegas includes a spa, shopping, fantastic entertainment options, and hip restaurants.
  • Sin City Hostel, for international travelers only, is located on the Strip and offers TV, games, movie nights, and outings to the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and more.
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Things to do in Las Vegas

  • Las Vegas Casinos are legendary. Since it's the gambling capital of North America, you can scarcely turn around without bumping into a slot machine or poker table. But for the ultimate Vegas experience, do try some of its hallmark casinos.
  • The Bellagio boasts Five Diamond award-winning action, including private poker rooms.
  • Caesar’s Palace is the quintessential Vegas hotel and casino, with 129,000 square feet of gaming space.
  • Zumanity — “the Sensual Side of Cirque du Soleil” — is the first adult-themed Cirque du Soleil show. This cabaret-style show combines the gifted dance moves of Cirque members with stunning provocative choreography.
  • Le Rêve. French for “The Dream”, is a water-oriented show that evokes every possible human emotion through acrobatics, aquatics, and flight. Staged in an intimate theatre at the Wynn Las Vegas.
  • Don Arden's Jubilee! at Bally's, playing for over 20 years, is everything you expect to see in a Las Vegas show: from sequined showgirls (some topless) to elaborate production numbers. It's one of the city's top sellers for a reason.
  • Playboy Club, in The Palms Las Vegas, is the world's only Playboy Club combining high-stakes gambling and risqué nightlife. World-famous bunny dealers and waitresses keep the fun coming.
  • Get married. Las Vegas is known for its quickie weddings and eccentric little wedding chapels. If you want a wedding to remember, nothing beats getting hitched by Elvis! — but Las Vegas weddings can also be very elegant. The larger, upscale hotels offer complete wedding packages and luxurious surroundings for your special day.
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    Day trips in and around Las Vegas

    Of course you can tour the Strip, but Las Vegas is also home to tour operators hosting treks to many nearby spectacular sites, both natural and man-made. Just a few include:

  • Death Valley National Park, the largest park on continental USA, is just two hours away by road. For all it's one of the hottest places on earth, it's by no means dead; the varied flora and fauna here defy the place's name. Well worth a trip.
  • Lake Mead. Classic American landmarks including Lake Mead (the largest man-made lake in the U.S.) is an hours drive north east.
  • The Valley of Fire, is also only an hour's drive north-east.
  • Grand Canyon. A bit further out, the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam are 4 hours' drive west. Bit far? No fear. Helicopter tours from Vegas are frequent, and can set you down at the top and/or bottom of the Canyon (check details with tour operators) for up to three hours.
  • Tour operators are never far away on the Strip, or ask at your hotel.
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