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Cuba, South & Central America

A trip to Cuba is sure to provide a unique experience.Tourism in Cuba was only permissible for Cubans until the 1990s, the travel industry in Cuba is in its infancy. Nevertheless, this tiny island's gigantic role in history means that it's definitely worth visiting.

From communist ideals, to ties to the Soviet Union, to the Cold War, to radical revolutionaries, Cuba has made quite a wake in global history. With this rich albeit controversial history comes a lively culture. Visitors to Cuba will enjoy a lively time of dancing, music, and nightlife.

They'll also be transported to another time, as Cuba maintains an aesthetic and infrastructure that's reminiscent of mid-century charm. Tourists will be glad that this influential island is now available for exploration.

Getting in and around Havana

Havana Airport

Most travellers will arrive in Cuba by plane. The Jose Marti International Airport is located just outside of Havana. Major airline carriers connect to Cuba from Mexico, South America, Canada and Europe. Note that there are no connecting flights to Cuba from anywhere in the United States as it is illegal for U.S. citizens to travel to Cuba. There are no ferries or boats to Cuba and access via cruise liners is quite limited. Flying to Cuba is the best way to get there.

Cuba Transport

Once you arrive in Cuba, your options for getting around the island are quite diverse. Buses that travel from city to city are the most popular. Viazul is the most frequently used bus line. While taxis aren't very economical if you're looking to travel long distance, they're a very useful option for getting around town. If you would like to venture to another city, hitch hiking is a very popular and economical travel option. The Amarillo refers to the hitch hiking system that exists in Cuba, in which vehicles are required to stop at rest points along major routes. A trip from one city to the next costs only a few pesos. Contrary to popular conceptions about hitch hiking, it's very safe and government regulated in Cuba.

Cuba Car Hire

Local car hire companies are your best bet in Cuba.

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Havana accommodation

Accommodation in Cuba is still very affordable. Travellers can holiday very comfortably at very affordable prices with the help of casas particulares. These are private homes that also run as licensed hospitality businesses. But if you prefer a more traditional stay, there are still quite a few hotels to choose from in Cuba.

  • Hotel Tryp Habana Libre offers beautiful views of the city of Havana.
  • Hotel Brisas Trinidad del Mar is beautiful hotel located just minutes from the city of Trinidad, one of the best preserved cities in Cuba.
  • Hotel Internacional Get a taste of the retro in this classic 1950s Cuban hotel on the beach.
  • Hotel Presidente At this ten story high hotel, visitors enjoy spectacular views of the beautiful city of Havana.
  • Casa Gloria and Lazaro is a quality youth hostel conveniently located in historic Havana.
  • Casa Carlita is a wonderful and affordable hostel housed in a restored historic building in beautiful Havana, Cuba.
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Things to do in Havana

Cuba doesn't have much of a tourism industry which means that there aren't many tourist traps. However, that does not mean that there's nothing to do while visiting Cuba. For those travellers willing to dig deep, there are still things to see and do in Cuba.

  • Che Guevara's Statue and Mausoleum. Che Guevara has become an icon in many cultures around the world and his involvement in the Cuban Revolution is a big part of his legacy. Tourists can see where the famous writer and revolutionary is laid to rest.
  • Smoke a real Cuban cigar. It's actually illegal to purchase or sell Cuban cigars outside of Cuba. So while you're in Cuba, you must enjoy the real thing if you're a person who enjoys the occasional cigar. It's recommended that you purchase them from an officially approved shop.
  • Havana Havana, Cuba is the city where many ideas about Cuban culture find their source. This hopping city has a lively nightlife scene that includes salsa music and dancing as well as traditional Cuban favourites like mojitos made with real Cuban rum.
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    Day trips in and around Havana

  • Vinales National Park, Havana Vinales National Park is a great way to see the natural beauty of Cuba. This park is well-appointed for tourists and is the site of mountains and caves.
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