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Singapore, Singapore

Singapore is one of the most beautiful and safest places in the world.

Travellers to Singapore are met with a unique city in the beautiful South Pacific that is both island and metropolis all at once. The high rise buildings are an amazing sight to behold along with historic buildings and architecture from Singapore's days gone by. The restaurant scene is diverse and delicious and one of Singapore's most attractive features.

Travellers will shopping in Singapore at the high end shopping centres or bargain shopping for electronics, clothing, books, and other goods.

Singapore is a unique Eastern city in that it is very culturally diverse. Many major religions are represented and celebrated in Singapore and the culture is influenced by China, India, Malaysia and others. Singapore is hardly your average island and Singapore is not your average city.

Getting in and around Singapore

Changi Airport

Changi Airport is the main airport in Singapore and you will find that it is well equipped and organized. It's well stocked with attractions such as a movie theatre, a swimming pool, and even Xbox stations.

Because Singapore is such an important and diverse city, getting there is fairly easy. Almost every airline in any part of the world offers a flight to Singapore. Unless you're travelling from Malaysia or another very nearby island, you will want to fly into Singapore. SilkAir, Tiger Asia, and Jetstar Asia are local airline carriers that offer frequent flights in and out of Singapore. Qantas also frequently flies to and from Singapore. You have many options for getting to Singapore no matter where you are in the world.

Singapore Transport

For getting around Singapore, your best options are the train system and taxis. The MRT and the LRT are the two train systems and in Singapore. They are reliable and affordable, two things that travellers are looking for! Taxis are also quite affordable and if you're travelling in a group, they may even be more affordable than the MRT or LRT. Singapore does have a bus system, but travellers often find that it's confusing.

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Singapore accommodation

Accommodation in Singapore is diverse in that there is a wide selection of hotels in every budget. However, travellers with some resources at their expense will be met with some very luxurious options.

  • The Raffles Hotel sets the standard for luxury accommodation in Singapore. This stately hotel is the picture of luxury and style.
  • The Mandarin Oriental Hotel is decked with luxurious modern Asian decor and beautiful harbour views.
  • Hotel Grand Central is just steps away from Orchard Road and some of the city's best night clubs.
  • York Hotel is nestled in the centre of the city very near shopping and attractions in Singapore.
  • Beach Hotel is sleek and comfortable at a very affordable price. A great place to stay in Singapore.
  • Hotel Windsor in Singapore has all the amenities as well as the sleek modern decor you'd expect from a Singapore hotel.
  • The Fragrance Hotel is a chain that's known for quality in Singapore and their hostel is no different.
  • Hotel 81 is a very high quality hostel that promises privacy in exchange for its slightly higher price.
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Things to do in Singapore

Singapore has a diverse collection of attractions, which is why it's such a great city for tourists. From beautiful sand beaches to high end shopping to cultural history, there really is something for everyone in Singapore. Not to mention, Singapore is a great place to start a career exploration of Asia and the South Pacific because of its diverse culture and economic influence.

  • Orchard Road is a shopping centre that is definitely the best in Singapore. You can find all the high end goods and designers labels you're looking for while on vacation.
  • Chinatown, Little India and Kampong Glam. Immerse yourself in a few of Singapore's merging cultures. Buy souvenirs, see the architecture, and taste the food of China, India and Malaysia.
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    Day trips in and around Singapore

  • Sentosa Island. Soak up the sun on one of the many beautiful beaches on Sentosa Island.
  • Singapore Zoo is a great place to stop with the little ones. Take in a little wild life that's hard to find in the bustling city centre.
  • Historic Bras Basah area. See a little bit of Singapore's history in the Historic Bras Basah area. The neighbourhood boasts historic buildings and architecture from Singapore's old days.
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