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Warsaw, Poland

Warsaw is a vibrant, bustling city with modern architecture and activities that travellers will love as well as a rich history that makes Warsaw the ultimate tourist destination. Visitors can expect a wealth of historic buildings and architecture, important landmarks, and museums cataloguing the tumultuous history of Warsaw. From Marie Curie to Frederic Chopin to Pope John Paul II, Warsaw is known for its important place in world history. Warsaw is a beautiful, expansive city with many treasures to be explored.

Getting in and around Warsaw

Warsaw Airport

Warsaw is a very large and well-equipped city for travellers, so getting into Warsaw is very easy. The Warsaw airport, known as the Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport, is serviced by most of the major airlines and hosts direct flights from many major cities around the world.

The airport is located roughly 10 kilometres outside the city centre. But getting to the city from the airport is easy thanks to the airport bus transport system. Bus routes may take you to several nearby airport hotels or to other points in the city. The airport bus is also the most affordable way to get to the city from the airport. Taxis and other means are also available.

Warsaw Transport

The public transportation system in Warsaw is well developed, which makes getting around Warsaw very easy for travellers. Visitors can choose from an expansive bus and tram system. However, because the city is so large and the public transport routes can be rather complex, you will want to study the bus and tram routes in order to make the best use of them. You can also take taxis for getting around the city. The rates are generally reasonable; however, non-registered taxis do not have set rates and should be avoided. Walking is a very good option for transportation in areas where there are many nearby attractions.

Warsaw Car Hire

Warsaw car hire is available through numerous international car hire companies. However, traffic in Warsaw can be a problem and should be considered when selecting your preferred method of transportation and travel times.

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Warsaw accommodation

Warsaw accommodation offers a wide selection of hostels, budget hotels, and luxury hotels. The majority of the best hotels are conveniently located close to major attractions and districts. Travellers to Warsaw will love how easy it is to find a quality hotel that lets them stay within their travel budget.

  • The Warsaw Marriott Hotel has an ideal location just minutes away from the train station and offers elegant accommodation in the centre of the city.
  • Hotel le Regina Warsaw is located in the ever popular Old Town and specializes in making guests feel at home.
  • Hotel Metropol is centrally located in one of the most exciting districts in Warsaw. You'll be just steps away from memorable attractions.
  • The Hyatt Regency Warsaw promises all of the comfort and quality that you love about the Hyatt brand.
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Things to do in Warsaw

In a city as large and historically significant as Warsaw, there are plenty of things to do. Your only concern should be how to see and do as much as possible during your stay. Your days in Warsaw will be spent touring historic sites, buildings of architectural wonder, and countless museums and galleries memorializing Warsaw's important and heartbreaking history.

  • Lazienki Royal Gardens. The Lazienki Royal gardens are a must in Warsaw because of the variety of things to do when you get there. Enjoy museums for a small fee and the beauty of the gardens for free.
  • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in the Saski Gardens is a beautiful monument in honour of the unknown Polish soldiers who died in World War I.
  • Warsaw Uprising Museum. The Warsaw Uprising Museum is a tribute to the unique history of Warsaw. The Warsaw Uprising Museum commemorates the Warsaw Uprising that took place in 1944.
  • Old Town. Warsaw's Old Town is a cultural hub and the centre of the city. Old Town centre was destroyed in World War II but was restored in its old fashion very soon after. The neighbourhood features beautiful architecture and many attractions.
  • Historical Museum of Warsaw. The Historical Museum of Warsaw is one of the largest museums in this spectacular city. Located in historic Old Town, this is a museum must.
  • Marie Curie Museum. Discover the life of one of the most influential scientists and the discoverer of radium, Marie Curie, at the Marie Curie Museum in her hometown of Warsaw.
  • Palace of Culture and Science. The Palace of Culture and Science is acknowledge as one of the most recognizable structures in Warsaw and was offered as a gift to the Poles by Joseph Stalin.
  • Constitution Square. Constitution Square is the site where many of Warsaw's city-changing events have taken place and now features incredible Stalin-esque architecture.
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    Day trips in and around Warsaw

  • Chopin's Warsaw. Experience Warsaw through the eyes of Warsaw native and composing legend Frederic Chopin with a guided tour featuring landmarks and sites from the composer's life, including the Frederic Chopin Museum.
  • Royal Road. Royal Road is an ideal walking tour in Warsaw. Along this symbolic path between the Royal Castle and Royal Palace in the beautiful Wilanow district, there are many museums and points of interest along the way.
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