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Vanuatu, Pacific

The islands of Vanuatu - or the Republic of Vanuatu - are some of the most beautiful in the South Pacific. This vast sprinkling of islands boasts extensive untouched rain forests, breathtaking waterfalls, and some of the most accessible active volcanoes in the world. Vanuatu is the perfect destination spot for travellers dreaming of white sand beaches, blue water, and an island full of treasures for them to explore.

The beautiful landscape of Vanuatu also makes it an ideal location for island weddings and romantic honeymoon getaways.

Vanuatu has a somewhat volatile climate. November to April can be very rainy and also present a risk of cyclones. The dry season, from May to October, is the best time of year to visit Vanuatu.

Getting in and around Vanuatu

Port Vila Airport

When travelling to Vanuatu, you have the option to fly or sail into the capitol, Port-Vila, or Luganville. Both cities have major ports that accommodate cruise lines and airports for air travel.

Vanuatu has three airports - Port Vila/Bauerfield, Santo/Pekoa, and Tanna/White Grass. If flying is your choice of transportation, Vanuatu features its own airline, Air Vanuatu. Air Vanuatu can pick you up in Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland, Fiji, and New Caledonia. If you are flying to Vanuatu from a location other than those listed, you will need to connect with an Air Vanuatu flight for a direct flight into Vanuatu.

If you prefer to sail to Vanuatu, your options are ever so slightly more limited. The Pacific and Orient cruise line offers regular tours through the islands of Vanuatu. Soren Larsen is a cruise line offering trips from Fiji to Port-Vila during select times of the year.

Vanuatu Transport

For travelling from island to island, you again have your choice of air or sea travel. There are several carriers offering flights between the islands, a few of those carriers include Vanair and Sea Air. You can also catch a boat to neighbouring islands courtesy of Ifira Shipping Agencies and Toara Coastal Shipping.

For land travel, public transportation is available in Port-Vila. Bus trip fares are calculated per person and the drivers will take you wherever you want to go, much like a taxi. Taxis are also readily available within Port-Vila.

Vanuatu Car Hire

You may decide that you want to explore this beautiful place in your own car. Car hire is available from your normal car hire companies in Luganville, Port Vila and Santo Island.

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Vanuatu accommodation

Vanuatu accommodation is mostly of the island resort variety. Travellers to Vanuatu will have no problem finding a bungalow-esque establishment to put them up for a few days. However, as is typical of most island destinations, hotels in Vanuatu have wildly varying levels of quality. In general, a quality hotel is going to cost you but could be well worth the investment.

Because of its attraction of naturists and hikers, Vanuatu also has a wide variety of budget hotels and hostels available to the minimalist traveller. These establishments often offer long-term rate reductions, kitchens, and other amenities.

  • Iririki Island Resort is a well-known luxury resort throughout the South Pacific's travel community. Perfect for a romantic honeymoon or relaxing getaway.
  • Eratap Beach Resort is a small, secluded resort where you will feel right at home.
  • Lagoon Beach Resort Apartments offer new, spacious apartments and a very friendly staff, all of which make for a delightful trip to Vanuatu.
  • Sunset Bungalows Resort Sunset Bungalows Resort is an adults-only establishment that guarantees a relaxing, romantic stay in Vanuatu.
  • The Coral Motel is a perfectly comfortable and affordable accommodation for travellers looking to stay a while.
  • Tara Beach Resort is a beautiful, peaceful resort nearby all of Vanuatu's most exciting activities.
  • Blue Pango Motel is a quality but modest establishment perfect for Vanuatu travellers on a budget.
  • Travellers Budget Hotel in Vanuatu offers on-the-go travellers comfortable accommodation at an affordable price.
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Things to do in Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a nature lover's paradise. Travellers to Vanuatu can enjoy a wide variety of activities in the great outdoors and take in the natural beauty of Vanuatu's landscape.

  • Vanuautu Waterfalls and rain forests. Vanuatu is home to untouched rainforests and beautiful waterfalls. Many tourists enjoy day hikes and exploration of the natural landscape. The most physically fit will enjoy the two day hike to the breathtaking Siri Falls and semi-active volcano, Mount Garet.
  • Vanuatu is island life and its best, which means lots of rest and relaxation. Select a luxury resort and enjoy spa treatments and sip cocktails on the beach.
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    Day trips in and around Port Vila

  • Yasur Volcano is one of the most accessible, active volcanoes in the world. Located on Tanna Island you can get there by plane. Once there, you can experience what it's like to be frighteningly close to a volcano that could erupt any day!
  • Vanuatu snorkelling Because much of Vanuatu's natural world and wild life remain intact, tourists can experience some of the best snorkelling in the world. Grab your goggles and flippers and head to the beach to see colourful fish, reefs, and coral.
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