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Samoa, Pacific

Samoa is a beautiful island perfectly situated between New Zealand and Hawaii in the Pacific Ocean. The culture of Samoa is rich in history and tradition. Samoans are famous for their lively ritual dances, art, and intricate ceremonial tattoos. Visitors to Samoa get to see what it's like to live on an island as opposed to just visit one.

Samoa consists of several islands but is divided into two regions, Western Samoa and American Samoa. Western Samoa is more widely travelled to but American Samoa is known for its untouched natural beauty.

Samoa also boasts a dream-like natural landscape. The volcanic hillsides are lush and green and rainforests are plentiful. Sea life, including sea turtles, coral, and fish, makes snorkelling a must while in Samoa and colourful exotic wildlife is abundant. There is no shortage of exquisite waterfalls, inactive volcanoes, and white sand beaches in Samoa. It's a nature lover's paradise, to be sure.

Like many islands, Samoa has a rainy season and a dry season. Dry season, the best time to visit Samoa, is during the months of May to October.

Getting in and around Apia

Apia Airport

Unless you have a private yacht, you will need to take a plane to Samoa. Samoa has one international airport, Faleolo, and it is located about one hour away from Apia. You should be able to find numerous flights out of Auckland, New Zealand as well as Sydney and Brisbane. You also have the option to sail into Samoa via cruise liners.

Samoa Transport

Usually, taxis are an expensive and discouraged mode of transportation while travelling. But in Samoa, taxis are everywhere and the best way to get around town.

Travellers to Samoa will also enjoy a very memorable trip on the public bus system or even travel around on a bicycle! However, look out for steep hills!

Samoa Car Hire

You also have the option of obtaining a local license and renting a car. Local licenses are very easy to obtain.

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Apia accommodation

Samoa has a variety of resorts, hotels, and hostels for you to choose from. All of the establishments - no matter what price point they are in - have that breezy island feeling that everyone looks for in an island vacation.

  • Aggie Grey's Hotel and Bungalow is a fixture in Samoa and a picture of history and tradition. The Samoan style hotel is a choice accommodation among travellers to Samoa.
  • Seabreeze Resort at Paradise Cove is the newest addition to Samoa's hotel scene and offers romantic, beach front rooms and easy access to beaches, snorkelling and other great activities.
  • Hotel Elisa puts you walking distance from the city of Apia and you will enjoy a luxurious, beautiful room during your stay.
  • Siufaga Beach Resort and Restaurant You will enjoy sleeping seaside at the Siufaga Beach Resort and Restaurant. The beautiful Mediterranean-style restaurant ensures you a luxurious stay.
  • Hotel Milennia is a great beach front property that offers all of the amenities and a comfortable stay at an affordable price.
  • Tatiana Motel You will have everything you need in a suite at the Tatiana Hotel at a price anyone can afford.
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Things to do in Samoa

Samoa promises a beautiful island vacation full of typical island activities and some that are a little more unique. Samoa's traditions, culture, and history have so much character which makes Samoa one of the richest islands in the Pacific.

  • Samoa tattoo ceremony.Tattoos are an important part of Samoan social structure and culture. If proper measures are taken, you can witness a sacred tattoo ceremony while in Samoa.
  • Samoa traditional dance ceremony at Aggie Grey's. Aggie Grey's is a popular nightspot in Apia and also a place where you can enjoy watching Samoans performs traditional fire dances.
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    Day trips in and around Apia

  • Wood carvers at Uafatu Rainforest Reserve. This breathtaking rainforest is home to local artists and wood carvers. Watch them work their magic and even buy some of their works for souveneirs.
  • Robert Louis Stevenson house. The great author, Robert Louis Stevenson, had a house in Samoa and is buried on the island. His former residence is an exciting and unique attraction for an island location.
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