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Mexico City, Mexico

To overlook Mexico City is to miss out on one of the most significant and diverse cities in the world. As one of the largest cities on the planet, Mexico City has a rich history of music, architecture, art, religion and empire. History buffs, sports fanatics, and art lovers will all be heartily entertained in Mexico City. There are challenges to overcome in a visit to Mexico City, but this remarkable place will prove that it is well worth the effort.

Getting in and around Mexico City

Mexico City Airport

If you are like most travellers to Mexico City, you will arrive by plane. Air travellers to Mexico City will likely fly into Benito Juarez International Airport. Benito Juarez International Airport sees numerous flights from most of the world's major cities and airlines. Once you arrive in Mexico City, you will undergo an extensive customs process that will probably take about an hour's time. The airport offers secure taxis known as Transportation Terrestre which can safely take you to your destination. The Metro also runs from the airport.

Mexico City Transport

Getting around in Mexico City can be complicated because the city is so densely populated. Nevertheless, public transportation is well established and happily used by tourists. The Metro is your best bet although it can be quite crowded. It's affordable and can get you almost anywhere in the city you want to go. Taxis are very efficient and affordable options as well as long as you learn how to determine a registered cab from an illegal taxi.

Mexico City Car Hire

All of your main stream car hire companies are found in Mexico City as well as some local ones.

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Mexico City accommodation

Accommodations in Mexico City are diverse and well-appointed. Whatever your budget, there is definitely a hotel in your price range. Hotels in the same price point are likely to be clustered together in the same neighbourhood.

  • The W Hotel in Mexico City does it's usual sleek design with a Mexican flare. This luxurious hotel guarantees a fabulous stay in Mexico City.
  • The JW Marriott is nestled in one of the most hip and trendy neighbourhoods in Mexico City and guests will find themselves steps away from great restaurants and shopping.
  • The Gran Hotel de la Cuidad Mexico is a great way to experience the historic architecture of Mexico City. This historic building is situated on the city square and offers a charming and comfortable experience.
  • The Nikko Hotel presents an Asian twist in the heart of Mexico City. This luxurious hotel is very close to galleries and restaurant.
  • Hotel NH is a comfortable and affordable accommodation that guarantees all of your basic amenities.
  • Mexico City Holiday Inn This isn't your typical Holiday Inn. This beautifully furnished hotel offers a rooftop restaurant with views of Zocalo Square.
  • Hostel Condesa is a favourite location as its' positioned a hip Mexico City neighbourhood and offers clean, modern furnishings at an affordable price.
  • Hostel Home is a youth hostel in one of the most hip and trendy neighbourhoods in Mexico City. It is sleek and cosy at an affordable price.
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Things to do in Mexico City

Mexico City is so much more than a bustling metropolis. Everyone will be entertained in Mexico City because of its diverse collection events, attractions, and sights. There is so much to do and see, you won't want to sleep while you're in Mexico City.

  • Zocalo Square is the cultural and historical centre of Mexico City.
  • The Basilica de Guadalupe is acknowledged as the most important sacred place in North and South America combined and is a place of pilgrimage for Catholics around the world.
  • Torre Mayor is the tallest skyscraper in Mexico City and in South America. Visit the higher floors for fantastic panoramic views of the city.
  • Xochimilco is made up of beautiful waterways and gardens in which tourists can experience Mexico City as it once was.
  • The Frida Khalo Museum is held in the building that the artist once called home and holds numerous artefacts from her life as well as pieces of her work.
  • The Estadio Azteca is a sports arena in which many sporting events are held, the most important of which are soccer games and tournaments.
  • The Cuidadela Crafts Market features crafts and goods are sold and features from cultural groups around Mexico and the world.
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    Day trips in and around Mexico City

  • The Plaza Garibaldi Mariachi is a great place to visit because of its authentic restaurants and shops. But it's also a great place to hear traditional music and Mariachi bands dressed in traditional Charro costumes.
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