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Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of Asia's great destinations. This unique and diverse city blends the principles of Eastern and Western culture yet remains true to its Chinese heritage. It offers the traveller a wonderful variety of sights and experiences that are both modern and ancient, natural and developed.

Hong Kong is its own territory positioned at the South East border of China. Hong Kong's rich Chinese history has left it with a modern culture that's steeped in tradition.

As an economic and technological super power, Hong Kong shopping and dining are excellent, Hong Kong also has much to see in the way of museums and historical sites. Hong Kong really is the best of both worlds.

Because Hong Kong has warm, balmy summers and chilly winters, the best seasons for trips to Hong Kong are spring, March to May, and autumn, September to December. These months experience comfortable temperatures and pleasant weather. Typhoons season is also a consideration and occur between the months of June and September.

Getting in and around Hong Kong

Hong Kong Airport

If you must fly to Hong Kong, travellers to Hong Kong will likely fly into Hong Kong International airport. This airport is an attraction in itself as it's been dubbed the best airport in the world and an important structure in architectural design. Once you arrive at the airport, the Airport Express can help you get to your next destination. You can also take a bus if you'd like to see some of the city along the way.

Hong Kong Transport

Getting around Hong Kong is fairly easy as the public transportation system is very well established. The Octopus Card is a popular option as it allows you to store funds on the card to be used for all forms of public transportation. Hong Kong's Mass Transit Railway resembles a subway and is definitely the most efficient way to get around. You can also choose to take the tram or a bus.

Hong Kong Car Hire You will find all of your major Car Hire companies in Hong Kong, as well as local companies.

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Hong Kong accommodation

Hong Kong's hotel scene is diverse and can accommodate travellers at every price point. The best thing about Hong Kong hotels is that even lower end hotels still demonstrate a commitment to quality. However, the higher cost of almost everything in Hong Kong also applies to hotel rates, although you'll find that high-end hotels are more affordable than in other tourist cities.

  • The Peninsula Hong Kong The height of luxury and class in Hong Kong, The Peninsula Hong Kong is admired by visitors as one of the best hotels in the world.
  • Island Shangri-La Hotel The attentive staff and beautiful harbour views make the Island Shangri-La Hotel one of the most magical places to stay in Hong Kong.
  • Lanson Place Hotel is a beautiful boutique hotel close to shopping and sights in Hong Kong.
  • Harbour Plaza Hong Kongyou can get harbour views and a beautiful room at a hotel that regularly makes friends out of customers.
  • Island Pacific Hotel is a little off the beaten path in a secluded area of Hong Kong and guests love the cosy, comfortable atmosphere.
  • Hostel Hong Kong is the ultimate hostel with small rooms and low rates, but the staff are friendly and helpful.
  • Noble Hostel Hong Kong This popular, air-conditioned hostel is a wonderful place to stay and offers quality, clean lodgings.
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Things to do in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a very diverse list of attractions and things to do. Shopping and dining are favourite pastimes as are adventures in to nature, trips to the beach, and visits to historical landmarks. There is something for everyone in Hong Kong, thanks to its diverse culture and history.

  • Victoria Peak. Take the tram up to Victoria Peak for breathtaking panoramic views of Hong Kong's bustling metropolis. The impressive skyline of one of the world's biggest cities is an image you won't soon forget.
  • Avenue of the Stars. Hong Kong has a significant film industry and the stars of that industry are immortalized on the Avenue of the Stars which is similar to Hollywood's Walk of Fame.
  • Temple of Ten Thousand Buddhas. This is a beautiful temple that houses literally over ten thousand Buddhas. A wonderful stop on your tour of Hong Kong for a little taste of traditional Chinese heritage
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    Day trips in and around Hong Kong

  • Disneyland Hong Kong is a recent attraction in Hong Kong that's true to the time-honoured Disney franchise. For rides, shows, and other kid-friendly fun, Disneyland Hong Kong is a great stop.
  • Lantau Island. To escape the city life, take a trip to Lantau Island that's known for its rustic, natural landscape. Here you can enjoy outdoor activities and see the traditional side of Hong Kong, such as fishing villages, monasteries, and beautiful beaches.
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