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Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires has earned a reputation as the "Paris of South America." This culturally rich city is well known for galleries and museums as well as performing arts and breathtaking architecture. It's a Mecca for the free spirited and adventurous that never fails to impress the more refined traveller.

As the capitol of Argentina, Buenos Aires has emerged well from its tumultuous past. The revolutions, military uprisings, and fascist dictators that have characterized its politics are finally fading into the distance, making Buenos Aires a diverse and modern destination.

Visitors to Buenos Aires can enjoy a wide range of experiences from authentic tango dancing lessons to architecture inspired by Paris and Barcelona. The old and new have maintained a presence in Buenos Aires and modern ideals and pastimes have taken hold. Whether you're looking for a great vacation destination or a new home, Buenos Aires is always a great choice.

Getting in and around Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires Airport

Flying to Buenos Aires you will arrive in Ezeiza International airport. It is a major airport for Argentina and for the continent of South America. There are non-stop flights via most major United States cities and to most major cities within South America. Aerolineas Argentinas also flies to Sydney and a few cities within the South Pacific. Once you arrive at Ezeiza, which is about 45 minutes outside the city's centre, you will want to take the 86 bus into town. The stop is located just outside Terminal B.

Buenos Aires Transport

Getting around Buenos Aires is easy because the public transportation system is very affordable, well established, and efficient. Buses are the most popular mode of transportation and cost only one peso to travel anywhere within the city limits. The underground metro is also a good choice and costs less than one peso per trip. During rush hour, however, the underground can become very crowded. Taxis are available although they are not a popular option as they are subject to rush hour traffic.

Buenos Aires Car Hire

It is possible to rent a car in Buenos Aires but it's not recommended. Driving in Buenos Aires can be quite hazardous to say the least. Walking is a great way to get around as there is much to see and the city is very pedestrian friendly.

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Buenos Aires accommodation

Accommodation in Buenos Aires is very affordable and travellers can stay very well for a very reasonable cost.

If you plan to stay for a while in Buenos Aires, travellers can rent apartments that are very luxurious as well as affordable, making long-term trips to Buenos Aires quite a treat.

  • The Cocker is a very stylish hotel that gives a luxury experience without the price tag.
  • Art Hotel This award-winning hotel is a great value that offers comfortable and elegant rooms in a historic Buenos Aires building.
  • Atlas Tower Hotel boasts a friendly staff and affordable prices. A great modern budget hotel in Buenos Aires.
  • Ayacucho Palace Hotel is a great value for the money and located very near attractions and museums in Buenos Aires.
  • Milhouse Hostel is affordable and centrally located. The staff will also help you arrange tours and tango lessons!
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Things to do in Buenos Aires

There is so much to do and see in Buenos Aires, especially for the young and hip. Buenos Aires is a vibrant city where the people love food, dancing, and nightlife. But there are many Buenos Aires attractions that will appeal to a more diverse crowd.

  • Plaza de Mayo is an important historical and political site in Buenos Aires. It's been the site of many political protests and demonstrations as well as the bombing in 1955 in which over 300 civilians were killed.
  • Teatro ColonAlthough it is closed for renovation until 2010, is one of the greatest opera houses on Earth and the centre of performing arts and music in Buenos Aires.
  • The Buenos Aires Botanical Gardens are not just for those with green thumbs. The landmark features numerous gardening styles and is a horticultural wonderland.
  • As the official dance of Argentina, tango is a must when visiting Buenos Aires. Milongas are places where tango dances are held. You can also take tango lessons while in Buenos Aires as there are countless studios around the city.
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    Day trips in and around Buenos Aires

  • The Buenos Aires Zoo is one of the best in the world. It is beautifully kept and a great place for families visiting Buenos Aires.
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