Change your trip


Online you can:

  • Change your flights for all passengers on a Qantas or Virgin Blue domestic booking (travel within Australia or New Zealand).
  • Create a change request for all passengers on any other domestic or international airline.

  • Please click here to retrieve your trip and proceed.

Contact our Call Centre if:

  • You wish to make changes to an individual passenger (rather than all passengers) on a trip.
  • Your trip has infants, passengers requiring special assistance or pets.
  • For any other flight changes or cancellations.

Contact the airline directly:

  • If your travel is on the same day and it is outside our business hours. Our business hours can be found by clicking here.

  • For Qantas call 13 13 13.
  • For Virgin Blue call 136 789. (International: +61 7 3295 2296).
  • For Jetstar call 131 538. (International: +61 3 8341 4901).


  • Please contact RatestoGo directly on +61 2 8263 5111.


  • If you purchased travel insurance and wish to change or cancel your policy please advise us via our Online Enquiry Form.